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The Cinebody in black


Introducing Cinebody

The Cinebody combines the technology of modern digital video with the design, ergonomics and the storytelling narrative from the golden age of Super8 film cameras.

How it Works

Plug in Cord


Insert iPhone

Slide your iPhone 6 or 6s into the case and snap the latch closed to keep your iPhone safe and secure.

Plug in Cord


Connect Device

Connect the red power cord to your iPhone to enable the digital trigger, the directional microphone and our suite of digital controls.

Launch App


Launch App

Launch the free Cinebody app. Access precision controls, Easy Roll shooting, and editing with Cameo.

App Available Soon

Pull Trigger


Pull Trigger to Record

Pull the trigger to film and let go to stop. It’s that simple. You’ll never miss another shot wondering if you’re recording or paused. And for hands-free filming simply tap the record button on the screen.



Cold shoe is the industry-standard for mounting mics, lights, handles and other accessories.


App (coming soon) allows for manual control of exposure and focus.


See what you’re shooting in even the most extreme bright-light conditions with our patented focusing eyepiece.


Interchangeable 58mm optical-quality glass lenses. Wide, fisheye, telephoto.


Simple, intuitive trigger. No more missing the shot or filming the ground.


Handles don’t just look stylish, those ergonomics mean you get a steadier shot.


The Cinebody

The Cinebody
$ 199.00 USD

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Telephoto Lens

Telephoto Lens
$ 30.00

2x professional high speed auto focus deluxe 58mm telephoto lens

Wide Angle Lens

Wide Angle Lens
$ 30.00

.45x professional high speed auto focus deluxe 58mm wide angle lens

As Seen In

About Us

What fires us up at Cinebody is to blend the best of the golden age of Super8 home movies with the technology of today.

The designs of those classic Super8 cameras couldn’t be ignored. Just look at those old films and you can see that anybody with a camera like that pointed at them instantly became animated. Try that today with a camera phone and people freeze... they assume you’re taking a photo. It can be frustrating because the camera in the iPhone is amazing but the body and ergonomics are designed for texting - not filming.

Taking inspiration from Super8 film making, we are reimagining what filming on your iPhone can be. Load your phone like you would load a roll of film and record with a trigger that works like a film camera trigger. Point it and people wave. They dance. They perform. Then the Cinebody app batches your clips together creating a natural narrative like a roll of film. A magical roll of film that you can reach into to delete clips and insert new scenes. Then instantly edit, add music and effects with our sister app, Cameo.

We’re excited to have you join us as we bring back what was lost and mash it up with all that it new to create a new golden age in home movies.